Flagger System


Flagger In-Car Alert

Racing Flags/Driver Messaging

  • Green/Checkered
  • Caution/Waving Caution
  • Double Yellow
  • Passing
  • Debris
  • White
  • Emergency Vehicle
  • Black Flag Warning/Black Flag Pit In
  • Safety Car/Virtual Safety Car
  • Mechanical/Meatball
  • Custom Flags
  • Direct Driver Messaging


  • Battery lasts up to 8hrs on a single charge. Battery extender or vehicle power available.  
  • Touchscreen easily allows you to enter your car/group number.
  • Instant notification of local, global and individual flags.
  • Connected track control can see where you are if an incident occurs.
  • Portable the Flagger is completely portable and can easily be used on any vehicle.
  • Powerful GPS, Accelerometers, radio transceiver, incident data logging and much more.
  • Long Range Communication drivers, teams and safety crews get notifcations instantly. 
Flagger In-Car Alert



Corner Worker Flags

  • Caution
  • Waving Caution
  • Passing
  • Debris
  • Local White
  • Clear


  • Battery lasts over 24hrs on a single charge. Optional power extender pack.
  • Flexible handheld or mountable for quick access, press the button and get results.
  • Instant notification for all drivers approaching your corner.
  • Connected track control sees exactly what the corner workers are doing at all times.
  • Portable the Flagger system is completely portable and can easily be used at almost any track.
  • Remote Control Unmanned corner stations can be controlled remotely

Race Control

Full Track Control

  • Full Course Flags
  • Independent Control of Local Flags
  • Incident Management
  • Racing Log with Notes
  • Individual Driver and Group Flags
  • Events and Session Control
  • Assignable Flags
  • Custom Track Tools
  • Full User and Access Control 
  • Multi-level security / access control
  • Multiple user access
  • Does NOT require WiFi/Internet access


  • Browser Based application, always up to date.
  • Secure independent hardware that is only connected if you choose.
  • Dedicated hardware robust and simple Linux based auto-run solution.
  • Observation track can be monitored independently and remotely.
  • Portable Race Control server is completely portable and can easily be used at almost any track.
  • Got Backup? Full track control with a single handheld FlagStation in case of power outage
  • Racer Centric built by racers for racers.

How Flagger Works



  • Long Range Communication
  • Race Control Sees Everything
  • FlagStations Communicate with Local In-Car Flaggers and each other
  • In-Car Flaggers Receive All Global Flags
  • In-Car Flaggers Receive All Local Flags, but only turn on when needed 
  • In-Car Flaggers Send Information back into the network when needed 


  • Robust - self healing network that creates multiple pathways of connection 
  • Proprietary Network - secure connections to all devices on the network
  • GPS - advanced GPS algorithms and detection strategies
  • Accelerometers - incident detection and impact logging
  • Offline - works without internet connection
  • Patented Technologies

Flagger FAQ

Why do I need Flagger?
  • Full Track Control
  • Safer Track Conditions
  • Improved Driver Awareness
  • Incident Monitoring *coming soon
  • Event Logging
  • Direct Driver Messaging