Alert System

Race With Confidence

Introducing Corner Lights

New for 2023!

Rugged - Simple - Portable

Flagger Corner Lights
  • Flagger Corner Lights
  • Simple Operation
  • Easy to Mount
  • Tower Control and Local Control
  • Water Resistant
  • Affordable
  • Available early 2023

Flagger In-Car Alert

Rugged - Simple - Portable

Flagger - Digital In Car Flagging System
  • FIA In-Car Flagging
  • Individual Driver Messaging
  • Bright Status LEDS
  • 8HR Rechargeable Battery
  • GPS, 2x Accelerometers, Bluetooth, WiFi
  • Easy to Use Full Color Touch Screen


Rugged - Simple - Portable

Flagger - Digital In Car Flagging System
  • Advanced Corner Worker Control
  • Live Track Status Screen
  • Local and Global Flags
  • Simple, Rugged and Self Contained
  • 24hour + Rechargeable Battery
  • Easy to Use

Race Control

Simple - Portable - Secure

Flagger - Digital In-Car Flagging System
  • Live Track Status
  • Full Course Control
  • Incident Logging with Notes
  • Individual Driver Messaging
  • Touch Screen
  • Easy to Use

Introducing Flagger Lights!

A powerful new track tool! 

Our new corner lights enable your track or race group to control the entire event with maximum visibility!

Our simple lights effortlessly integrate with our FlagStations and provide corner workers with a additional visual confidence.

Flagger Lights can be fully controlled Locally or Remotely and even set automatically if desired.


The Most Advanced Wireless Flagging Solution


  • Increases Track Safety
  • Reduces Incidents
  • Improves Driver Confidence
  • In-Car Flagging
  • Corner Lighting
  • Stop on Track/Accident Notification
  • Individual Driver Messaging
  • Full Track Control
  • Simple, Affordable, Portable

Mobile System

The Flagger system is completely mobile and does not require permanent installation. The system can be easily transported and reused from track to track. Flagger will work anywhere. Flagger does not rely on a cellular network or track wide wifi network.


Flagger + VIR


Flagger In-Car Alert is excited to announce that starting with the 2022 season VIRginia International Raceway (VIR) will be one of the first tracks in the country with a permanent Flagger In-Car Alert System, available for both members and visitors.

“We recognize the importance of continuing to invest in and support technologies that help drivers, corner marshals and event organizers communicate with each other more quickly and effectively,” said Connie Nyholm, VIR Co-Owner and CEO. 

During the 2021 season, the VIR staff had the pleasure of operating the Flagger In-Car Alert System at several events with great success.  The system will be available at all 2022 VIR Club track days, and select driving days, so members and visitors will enjoy an enhanced track experience.

VIR and the Flagger development team will work closely with each other on future enhancements to continue to bring top tier technology and communications to everyone from novice first time drivers all the way to seasoned professional racers.  Rental and retail in-car units will be available in the on-site retail shop, TMI Racing Products.

Driver to Driver

Driver to Driver

On Flagger

Professional race car driver Andy Lally took time this summer to look at the Flagger system and he really liked it. He's a great, down to earth guy and was extremely thoughtful in his questions and feedback to us. Thanks Andy and good luck in the Daytona 24! 

"I've been a professional driver for 25 years now and I just got to review the Flagger system. Love it! I think it's applicable to everything from short track racing stock cars to the top levels of endurance racing. I think it's a great idea." -Andy Lally, 5 time Rolex Daytona 24 class winner.

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