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Atlanta Motorsports

Atlanta Motorsports Park Press Release

Bringing a new level of safety to its highly technical track, Atlanta Motorsports Park is pleased to announce its use of the Flagger In-Car Driver Alert System for the AMP Racing Series and club member days.

Flagger sends drivers instantaneous notifications when dangerous situations arise on track through a quicker and more detectable process than a marshal. The device is in the driver’s line of sight on the dashboard and can signal to the driver at any point on the track, unlike flag stands which can be spread out. Since drivers are more alert to potentially dangerous situations around them at all times fewer accidents occur, creating a cleaner, more enjoyable race for everyone involved.


 Corner marshals are empowered with a portable wireless FlagStation device that allows them to electronically set flags which are instantly received in vehicles on a compact Flagger In-Car mobile device. Using a combination of GPS technology and secure radio telemetry, the Flagger In-Car device provides location-specific alerts to drivers using a custom LCD screen and bright LED lights. In race control, the status of each corner marshal is displayed with a large track map on screen allowing the race director to see exactly what is happening everywhere on track.

The Flagger In-Car Mobile Device is impossible to miss when mounted on a car’s dash or windscreen. Bright LED lights will flash making the driver very aware of flags set by corner workers. The in-car alert system greatly reduces the chance of secondary impacts with stopped or slow moving cars, debris on track, or with a faster overtaking vehicle.

Taking safety a step further, the Flagger In-Car Mobile Device can also notify track control if a vehicle has stopped on track, spun, or experienced an impact, providing crucial information about the driver’s condition. This aids in quicker response time from track marshals and keeps drivers safer when it matters most.

The Flagger System, created by East Coast Racing Technologies, Inc., was developed and tested at Atlanta Motorsports Park by AMP founding member Glenn Stephens. The in-car Flagger Mobile needs no connection to the car or permanent installation, making it suitable for everything from a brand new sports car to a fully developed race car. In addition to critical flag information, the track operator can send flags and messages to all vehicles, specific groups of cars or individual drivers.

Glenn from Flagger said, “As a founding member of the track, it’s great to work with AMP to develop Flagger. We’re pleased that AMP will adopt the technology to improve safety.”

Atlanta Motorsports Park is the perfect place for Flagger to implement this revolutionary new technology thanks to the track’s drastic changes in elevation. The AMP main circuit is FIA grade two certified which will help Flagger as they continue to expand to tracks and racing series across the country.

Starting in 2021, the Flagger System will be used in all AMP Racing Series events. Drivers who opt-in will have the option to either Buy or Rent an Alert System to make their racing safer!